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3D Virtual Tours

Matterport Service Partners

Matterport Service Partner

We use the latest technology to powerfully capture any space, creating maximum quality visits with 3D virtual reality in 360º.

We create realistic experiences that go beyond a 3D model or a virtual tour. With Gekkota-3D-VirtualTours you can immerse yourself in an "interactive" virtual space that feels as real as being there. Based in Vigo, Galicia, we operate throughout the Spanish peninsula and Portugal. We offer our services to anyone who markets, builds or communicates about spaces and places in the real world.

Industries already using 3D digital twins

Main benefits

tour virtual 3D

Reduction of operating costs

The Matterport scanner creates 3D environments with realistic quality and navigation. Virtual tours are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
tour virtual 3D

Social media

Virtual Tours can be easily embedded in your website or shared on social networks or via whatsapp.
tour virtual 3D

Multi device

The spaces created in 3D can be viewed on any device, PC, mobile and VR glasses, with the same quality and fluidity. Matterport hosting aids the quality of navigation.

Dollhouse view

tour virtual 3D
It allows you to see Virtual Spaces like never before. At a glance, you can understand the scale of the space.

Floor view

Navegación interactiva
It gives you an unambiguous understanding of the layout of your space. In addition to the interactive plan view, we can generate floor plans with measurements.

Multimedia tags

Abierto 24/7
You can tag anything with information, links, photos, videos, PDFs and much more. It's a great way to insert relevant information into the tour.


Creación de etiquetas
Take measurements of anything in your space without having to be there.

Highlight reel

Genere impacto en las redes sociales
It makes it easy to navigate large spaces without going the distance. Think of it as a shortcut to what you would like to highlight.

Google Street View

Google street view
We can convert and publish your Matterport 3D route on your Google Maps listing.

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