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Gekkota 3D - Point cloud
Apr 07, 2023 Point Cloud

What are the advantages of using point clouds in construction?

AEC professionals frequently confront particular difficulties in their line of work when working on building rehabilitation projects. The majority of the time, information collecting is done manually, which frequently leads to the collection of inaccurate or missing data, an unnecessary amount of time spent on location, extended turnaround times for projects, and higher expenses for the customer. Point Cloud to BIM Modeling will be used as a delivery platform for data collection and can… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 385
Laser scanner services for heritage conservation in Vigo and Galicia
Mar 25, 2023 Laser Scan

Laser Scanning for Facade Preservation, Heritage, Architecture, and Industry (Scan To BIM)

Laser scanning and photogrammetric imaging systems are an invaluable tool for providing objectively accurate As-Built records of existing architectural, engineering, and industrial sites. The complete three-dimensional recording of culturally important sites, such as heritage buildings, monuments, and sites, can serve a variety of invaluable purposes; the data can assist in the conservation, management, and repair of structures. The acquired data acts as a form of digital preservation, a… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 256
Laser scan services at industrial factories in Vigo and Galicia
Mar 25, 2023 Laser Scan

3D Laser scanning for industrial plants - BIM

With the increase in size and complexity of industrial plants, it is essential to have high-speed, long-range, and high-precision 3D scanning equipment. In this sense, 3D laser scanning technology offers numerous benefits to engineers in charge of these projects. By using digital 3D scanning, detailed information about the construction of plants can be obtained, allowing for complex modernizations and updates that fit the first time after installation. This significantly reduces the possibility… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 110
Tours virtuales para museos
Feb 06, 2020 Virtual tours 3D

Virtual reality in Museums (VR)

How many of your artifacts are on display to the public? What areas are the ones visitors want to see, but must remain out of reach? Virtual tours conducted by Gekkota allow virtual visitors to go behind the scenes, choose what interests them, and explore at their own pace. For these reasons, the American Museum of Natural History has recently opened up its archived collections via VR, showcasing the collection behind the collection. An appeal booster: A study by technology advertising firm… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 179
Feb 05, 2020 Virtual tours 3D

Top 5 reasons to use virtual tours on your school or college website

If you're in charge of promoting an educational institution to potential students or parents, you need to find a way to attract them. While in-person tours can be persuasive and effective, they are only beneficial if individuals are physically present at your school or university. There may be potential students (or their parents) who are searching for your educational center online, so take advantage of this opportunity by allowing them to visit it virtually! Here are five reasons to use… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 153
Feb 05, 2020 Virtual tours 3D

Interactive virtual tour: The best way for customers to get to know you!

The influence of an interactive virtual tour will change the way internet users see your business forever. We live in a world where customers are becoming more internet savvy. They can buy most items online from the comfort of their home, but with the many businesses present online, they have many options. It is therefore essential to have an online presence and show them what you can offer them, and if they are going to leave their house and go out on the street, they want to know first the… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 95
Feb 05, 2020 Virtual tours 3D

Virtual Reality... the new marketing and booking strategy for hotels?

With technology on an exponential growth trajectory, it has never been more important to stay up to date on how a hotel can incorporate the latest technologies into its business. A great example is virtual reality. Virtual Reality or VR is currently one of the most cutting-edge technological sectors, and it's something that hotels should use to attract more guests and ensure direct bookings. VR made its first big leap in the gaming world to immerse players in new worlds and incredible life… Leer más...
Gekkota Studio 174
Feb 05, 2020 Virtual tours 3D

Five reasons why 360º virtual tours help real estate agents sell properties

Virtual tours are an excellent option for real estate agents to show a property to potential buyers from the comfort of their own home. However, they are more than just a feature; they are actually a solution. Why are virtual tours such a revolutionary tool to help real estate agents sell properties? Well, first of all, there is nothing more appealing than a virtual tour. Potential buyers invest more than two-thirds of their time searching the internet before deciding to buy or rent a property.… Leer más...
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