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We digitise your world... we capture reality

More and more companies are using 3D digital twins to digitise their businesses, from offices and hotels to restaurants and retail outlets, and yes, even real estate, all with unprecedented value in implementing 3D virtual tours in their marketing strategies.

Gekkota 3D offers you the best technology to digitise your facilities. Now is the time to start transforming your space into an attractive 3D digital twin that will make you stand out in the market.

3D virtual tours

As Matterport's leading provider, our virtual tours are immersive 3D models of a physical space that can be viewed online. They allow users to virtually walk through, around and over any type of building or location as if they were there in person. Our technology and experience guarantee you a high quality, cost-effective 3D virtual tour.

3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning provides a digital twin to enhance your projects and save time and costs in data collection, saving travel and providing millimetre-accurate measurements in both volume and surfaces of any scanned building. This information is obtained from a point cloud with millions of points that generate a virtual replica of the scanned space.

Innovation is the key to business success

Each project is unique, to offer you the best possible service, we take the time to analyse your needs.

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