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#3D Laser Scan

Laser Scanning for Facade Preservation, Heritage, Architecture, and Industry (Scan To BIM)

Laser scanner services for heritage conservation in Vigo and Galicia

Laser scanning and photogrammetric imaging systems are an invaluable tool for providing objectively accurate As-Built records of existing architectural, engineering, and industrial sites. The complete three-dimensional recording of culturally important sites, such as heritage buildings, monuments, and sites, can serve a variety of invaluable purposes; the data can assist in the conservation, management, and repair of structures.

The acquired data acts as a form of digital preservation, a timeless virtual representation of the built structure. The technical capability of these systems is particularly suitable for documenting elaborately detailed buildings.

Heritage Conservation

In the current era, the relevance and need for heritage preservation is increasing enormously. Specifically, places that have some artistic, historical, or heritage value require special care, as well as high-precision technology and periodic comprehensive documentation.

3D laser scanning technology has provided advanced technology for inspecting and accurately documenting heritage sites without damaging their original structure or environment. The laser scanner provides an immensely easy and useful way to accurately inspect and document the spatial information of heritage sites and share it through different media such as the internet. This data can be accessible to a wide range of audiences for study and other purposes. 3D laser scanning allows for the accurate capture of the same images that would be captured using a digital camera and also creates a point cloud of the scanned heritage or building, creating an accurate 3D image. The point cloud can be easily documented as CAD models.

Benefits of using a 3D laser scanner for heritage conservation: 

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick and reliable virtual copy creation
  • High-precision information and 3D documentation
  • Creation of images and 3D modeling of complex structures (Scan to BIM)

3D laser scanning provides integrated tools and highly advanced technology to make heritage conservation and surveying easy and precise.

3D laser scanning is the precise recording of all facilities and assets that will serve for mapping, as well as for lifting or updating existing plans. We use design tools from Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Graphisoft Archicad, SolidWorks, and others, with significant time and cost savings. Once the three-dimensional plan is lifted, we can offer 3D modeling of the scanned spaces for the creation of a BIM model (Building Information Modelling).

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