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#3D Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality... the new marketing and booking strategy for hotels?

Visitas virtuales 360º para hoteles

With technology on an exponential growth trajectory, it has never been more important to stay up to date on how a hotel can incorporate the latest technologies into its business. A great example is virtual reality.

Virtual Reality or VR is currently one of the most cutting-edge technological sectors, and it's something that hotels should use to attract more guests and ensure direct bookings.

VR made its first big leap in the gaming world to immerse players in new worlds and incredible life adventures. The hotel and travel industry quickly realized the sales potential this technology offered.

Hotels are leveraging this phenomenon by using this technology to create "virtual tours," a method by which a hotel can give potential guests a 360-degree walk-through of the options and facilities in their room.

Tour Virtual para hoteles

Instead of fixed photos and 2D images, viewers can now fully immerse themselves in the facilities, moving within rooms as if they were actually inside them.

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" no longer applies because a virtual tour is much more valuable, offering guests complete transparency on the features a hotel has to offer.

Why are virtual tours effective?

Travelers not only prefer a virtual tour, but they expect it, and often don't book a room without access to a tour first.

Statistics show that virtual visits reduce the number of unnecessary visits by 40%. Hotels with a virtual tour included are visited, on average, 10 times more than those that do not have one.

Additionally, an astonishing 92% of internet users say the ability to see a 360-degree panorama is essential when browsing online.

This alone will give you an indication of how important technology is for cultivating bookings.

The most powerful aspect of a virtual tour is that it grants all control to the viewer. They can move at their own pace, looking in all directions from multiple angles to gain an unprecedented level of knowledge about what they're paying for, all from their desktop or smartphone.

Add a surprise factor to your website, positioning your marketing as cutting-edge and fun.

Furthermore, adopting a Matterport virtual tour for your hotel will bring you to the top of search engine rankings, with the tour front and center in your profile summary and prominently featuring in hotel search results.

The possibilities even extend beyond the hotel to activities like local restaurants and places of interest.

How can 360º virtual visits increase direct bookings?

The desire for modernity, efficiency, and simplicity from a customer cannot be overstated.

Improving your website with a virtual tour helps attract traffic and make them stay, increasing the customer's willingness to book at your hotel.

Why? A virtual tour will increase the number of visitors you receive, captivate them for longer, and encourage them to come back - effectively intriguing new customers and keeping old ones interested.

Of course, all of this will mean nothing if guests don't have an easy and immediate way to book their stay. You've excited them with your virtual tour, so you want them to take that excitement directly to a reservation.

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